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Jalonen Harri, Lehti Mira, Tonteri Anna, Koskelo Minna, Nousiainen Anu K., Jäppinen Tuula

From signals to future stories

From signals to future storiesA handbook for applying foresight in the field of welfare.

We don’t know what will happen in coming years. The future is always unknown, however, we cannot just sit and wait what will happen. The future may surprise but our changes to survive depends on our preparedness.

To tackle the unknowns of the future in the field of welfare, this handbook emphasises foresightfulness instead of future thinking techniques. The handbook introduces the foresight flow consisting of three phases: sensing, sensemaking and seizing.

The handbook is not written to explore what may happen, but how the future can be thought. It is believed that the more convincingly the future is told, the more it guides today’s decisions.

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Beställningsnummer 1800
ISBN 978-952-293-552-6
År 2016
Utgivare Suomen Kuntaliitto, Turku University

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